Tablets and Stands

JukeLab offers a unique experience when running it as a standalone physical device.

We recommend a tablet, stand, and backlit number pad for the closest experience to a real jukebox.

We also recommend wires for the greatest reliability: a power cable, aux audio cable, and USB number pad. Combine this with offline music mode and JukeLab will run for hours without a hiccup.

But of course JukeLab supports battery power, wireless charging, Bluetooth audio, Bluetooth keyboards and WI-FI music mode for ease of use.


iPads are one of the most popular tablets. JukeLab and Spotify work on pretty much any iPad size and generation and related peripherals!

The one catch is that many iPads require an adapter or dongle to connect USB numpads.

A common option is an iPad and keyboard case.

A cheap option is an older iPad mini, and a USB Camera Adapter with Charging Port.

Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire tablets are some of the cheapest options thanks to a reduced hardware and feature set and Amazon subsidies from ads and sales on Prime Day and Black Friday. JukeLab and Spotify work great on these tablets!

The one catch is that Kindle Fire does not appear to support USB hubs, so simultaneous USB power and a USB numpad is not possible.

The premium option is a Kindle Fire HD 10 Plus and a Wireless Charging Dock. This frees the USB port up for a USB numpad.

A cheap options is Kindle Fire HD 8 and a Kid-Proof Case. Then either a Bluetooth numpad or run off the battery with a USB numpad.


JukeLab is all about doing it yourself. Do you have a keyboard, tablet and stand that makes a great JukeLab experience? Let us know and we’ll list it here.