Playlists and Compilations

JukeLab has a few curated playlists built in, and building your own is easy.

To make a playlist:

  • Create a Spotify Playlist with a name that starts with “JukeLab”, e.g. “JukeLab Picnic”
  • Add up to 100 songs, one representing each record
  • Open JukeLab and browse to “Playlists” to see your playlist, then press “SELECT” to load it

JukeLab will “expand” each song to the album it belongs to and display a full jukebox of 100 records.


  • Open JukeLab and browse to “Playlists” to go to the playlist manger
  • Press “New Compilation” to create a compilation and give it a
    • Name, e.g. “My 90s Mix”
    • Artist Name, e.g. “Various Artist”
  • Click search to add songs

The first song in the compilation is special. When JukeLab is “expanding” a song to its album, it will pick your compilation instead of the songs original album.