Offline Mode

Play music all night long without internet

JukeLab is intended to play music all night long without a hiccup. No Internet? Bad WI-FI? No problem with “Offline Mode”!

To enter offline mode:

  • In the JukeLb playlist manager, click ‘Offline’ to prepare an offline playlist, then ‘Select’ to load it
  • In your Spotify library, click ‘Download’ on the ‘Offline’ playlist to download all tracks to your device
    • This may take a while to download 1000+ songs!
  • In Spotify click Home -> Settings -> Playback and turn on ‘Offline’ mode
  • Optionally turn off WI-FI
  • Exit and restart JukeLab, and look for the ‘Offline mode’ notification

On Android, when JukeLab starts and opens Spotify to connect, it may get stuck showing “Loading…“. Press the OS back ”◀” button to return to JukeLab and it will be in offline mode.

To exit offline mode:

  • In Spotify settings turn off ‘Offline’ mode
  • In the JukeLab settings turn off ‘Offline’ mode

Additional Reliability

We also recommend wires for the greatest reliability: a power cable, aux audio cable, and USB number pad.

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