A real jukebox for your party

JukeLab brings an old-school jukebox to your next party. Curate a jukebox playlist of 100 albums, set up a device, then let your friends control the music all night.


JukeLab is a real jukebox for your party.

Curate 100 albums, set up a tablet, then let your friends control the music.

Curate your fantasy jukebox

JukeLab turns your favorite Spotify playlist into a jukebox of 100 albums. Only pick great albums so you'll never hear a bad track all night.

Give your friends control

Let your friends control the music by browsing the jukebox and picking their favorite tracks.

Play music all night

Between a dedicated device, your friends adding to the queue, and smart shuffle, good music never stops.

Curate your own music experience.

With other music players, two friends have to fight over the bluetooth to play their playlists. With JukeLab, everyone gets a turn on the queue without skipping a beat.

  • Run on any device

    Turn any old tablet, phone, or laptop into a jukebox

  • Curate an amazing playlist

    Pick 100 of your favorite albums so there's something for everyone to enjoy

  • Set it and forget it

    Start up JukeLab and your friends will take care of the music all night long

  • Connect around music

    Let everyone to nerd out about their favorite albums and songs

  • Keep it among your friends

    Use offline mode for private parties, we don't collect any data about you or your music

  • Be a jukebox hero

    Enjoy how easy it is to set up and tune the playlist for party after party

Experience your first jukebox today

It takes 30 seconds to get started. Open the web app or download the app and connect to Spotify Premium and you're good to go.

Free for casual use, affordable for serious nerds.

Whether you’re hosting a small dinner party, or curating a unique event, we've got a plan for you.



You’re new to providing a music experience to the party. Get started for free.

  • Spotify Premium required
  • Build your own playlist
  • Pre-made playlists
  • Unlimited playback sessions
Get started for free



You’re always bringing the music experience to the party. Unlock tools to make your life easier.

  • Spotify Offline support
  • Playlist manager
  • Compilation albums
  • Custom colors and marquees
Coming Soon



You’re a music and jukebox junkie. Craft a truly unique experience.

  • MP3 support
  • Google Drive
  • Theme builder
  • Attract screen builder
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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us .

    • What is a jukebox?

      JukeLab is an old-school jukebox. A dedicated device, with a limited number of albums, that you walk up to to browse and select music. The resulting experience is exactly like a dive bar with a killer jukebox. If you don't know what we're talking about, ask your parents.

    • What makes JukeLab different?

      There are many other "jukebox" or "social listening" apps that require everyone to use their own phones, and don't add constraints around the music selection. JukeLab brings curation and interaction. We've thrown countless parties with it and it always works, trust us.

    • How do I try it?

      Open it in your web browser right now. You'll get an immediate idea of how the interface works, and after you select a song and log into Spotify Premium you'll see how playback works. Next invite a friend to come take a look and pick a song.

    • How do I change the music?

      JukeLab uses Spotify Premium. Create a Spotify playlist of 100 songs, and JukeLab turns that into a playlist of 100 albums. Here's the "JukeLab 101" Spotify playlist that powers the JukeLab 101 jukebox.

    • Do I need special hardware?

      JukeLab works on any tablet, phone or computer where Spotify works. However the best experience is when you use it on a dedicated tablet with a number pad or similar physical keyboard. This offers the true old-school jukebox experience.

    • Is this allowed?

      JukeLab is for personal use only. When using the Spotify integration, all of their terms of usage and playback apply. JukeLab also integrates with the Internet Archive and local music files, which can unlock additional playback rights.